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When you donate to Unity Care NW, your funds directly benefit those who rely on us for crucial medical care, and help our entire community become a kinder, healthier place. As a charity for mental health and physical health, Unity Care NW is able to serve a population of folks from all walks of life and offer them continuity of care from capable and compassionate providers. One of those individuals, Katy Mayer, MD, shares why she became a Unity Care NW provider and the importance of generous charitable giving in fulfilling Unity Care NW’s vision of ensuring everyone has the opportunity to live their healthiest life.

“My patients, no matter their challenges, can depend on Unity Care NW for affordable whole-person care.”

Access to medical care is an essential human right. We all deserve the opportunity to seek a healthy life, no matter our current or past struggles. Your charitable donation to Unity Care NW helps to make that possible.

 When I was growing up, I knew I wanted to become a doctor. I had a strong desire to play an active role in building and becoming a part of a strong, healthy community. Throughout my medical training it was clear that individuals of a community who are healthy in mind, body and spirit are better able to get an education, have a successful career, and better care for family, friends and in turn their community. When I began practicing medicine, I was deeply concerned to see that the cost of basic medical services was burdensome to many and that some people weren’t able to get the care they needed. I knew then that my calling was to provide care for everyone, regardless of status or income. No one person is more deserving than another.

As a provider at Unity Care NW, I have the privilege of caring for a variety of people on a daily basis: a small business owner without insurance, a single mom with a new baby, a 20 something just out of college, and an unhoused individual seeking care. And for all of them, prevention is key. If an individual postpones care because they are afraid it will cost too much, undiagnosed conditions may become costlier to treat, or deadly. I was grateful that, during the pandemic, emergency measures meant Medicaid was able to provide coverage for more people. We started seeing patients who may not have sought care otherwise. But now, with the end of the public health emergency, many of our patients are no longer eligible for Medicaid. We’re caring for more patients without insurance which puts more pressure on our limited resources.

We can all see that our community is struggling from mental health problems, addiction issues, increased homelessness, and general poor health – but you can help by making a nonprofit donation to Unity Care NW! Our health center is well equipped to support our community, we’ve been doing it for over 40 years. Unity Care NW is strong and serving more patients than ever before. Our sliding fee discount program makes sure care is always accessible and affordable for everyone. Charitable giving from generous individuals like you make it possible! This giving season, make your donation to Unity Care NW. Your nonprofit donation will provide care, hope, and dignity to so many who may have forgotten that they deserve it.

Katy Mayer, MD (pictured above) Medical Provider
Unity Care NW

As a charity for health care and dental charity, Unity Care NW provides affordable primary medical, dental, behavioral health and pharmacy services for children and adults, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay. Monetary dental donations and charitable gifts help us to realize a vision of creating a community in which everyone has the opportunity to live their healthiest life. Donate to medical, dental, and mental health this holiday season!