Denise Plaisier, PA-C

My journey with Unity Care Northwest began in October 2020, and is an opportunity for which I’m grateful.  One of the many aspects I appreciate about community health such as UCNW is the diversity and inclusiveness characteristic of this setting.  It means so much to me to be able to express my skills and personality in a place where everyone is welcome and treated with respect and compassion.

Though new to UCNW, I am not new to this type of work.  My husband and I moved here from Michigan in 2003 when I began working as a primary care provider at Sea Mar Community Health Centers for 10 years and then on a nearby Indian reservation for 6 years.  Besides being a healthcare practitioner, other joys in my life include hiking, yoga, cooking, attending retreats for spiritual and personal growth with friends, doing video chats with my godson and spending meaningful time with my husband.  I enjoy an active, well-balanced life of work and play.