Jen’s Story

Jen Moldver was a guest at Unity Care NW’s annual fundraising gala in October 2015 when two staff members suggested she consider joining Unity Care’s Board of Directors.  Just two months prior, her husband Eric, a dentist who had worked with us for many years, died in a tragic hiking accident. Eric was an amazingly talented and dedicated dentist and a source of inspiration for our dental program.


That night, Jen was supporting the organization that Eric had served for so many years and sharing in his loss with staff members who had lost a beloved friend and co-worker.  The suggestion of joining the Board seemed like a way to continue to serve the organization Eric had been so dedicated to. “A fellow staff member and I thought it would be a great way for her to stay connected,” says Jen C, a dental hygienist who had worked with Eric for over 10 years. “Jen has always been a big fan of the organization, and she is one of the most compassionate and giving people I know.”


A short time later, Jen applied and interviewed for a position on the Board. She continues to serve today, working on the Development, Finance, and Executive subcommittees. She is also Board Treasurer. Outside of her Board duties, Jen is a realtor and has two grown children, ages 18 and 21.  As a businessperson, mother, and community member, she’s happy to share her perspective with the Board and participate in decisions that aim to improve the health of the community.   Serving on the Board, she says, has been a confidence-building experience.


Her favorite part of being a board member is learning more about the organization and where help is needed in the community.  “It’s a really exciting time for Unity Care NW,” says Jen.  In addition to increasing capacity with the new health center in Ferndale, the Board is now exploring options for expanding services in Bellingham.  She is especially excited to see the expansion of Behavioral Health programs.


Jen is a Unity Care NW donor and has spearheaded several fundraising campaigns in Eric’s honor. “I’ve learned so much about the important services that UCNW provides.  Working with the patients here really touched Eric’s heart,” she says.  “And I can help too, just in a different way.”