Puget Sound Energy – A Powerful Partner

Young woman waits in line with a group of classmates during graduation ceremony. She looks at camera with a big smile as she wears a black cap and gown.

One of PSE’s Powerful Partners for 2024 is Communities in Schools (CIS) Whatcom-Skagit who work combating dropout rates in Washington State


From the era of gas lights to pioneering wind power projects, Puget Sound Energy (PSE) has a rich history and deep roots in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to providing services to 1.1 million electric customers and over 900,000 natural gas customers in 10 counties, they are committed to collaborating with local groups to create stronger more equitable communities for all. Central to this work is their Powerful Partnership Program.

The goal of these grants is to develop strong community partnerships with organizations that share a passion for energy sustainability. This year, PSE is distributing $150,000 across 12 organizations. Since the inception of the Powerful Partnership Program in 2016, PSE has partnered with 92 organizations across the counties they serve, donating a total of $980,000 to date. The program collaborates with organizations striving to achieve their sustainability objectives while making meaningful contributions to their communities, particularly nonprofits across their service area dedicated to uplifting vulnerable populations. Through efforts to decrease energy consumption and promote cleaner energy options for small businesses and residential customers, they ensure ongoing support for those in need within their social circles. See the full list of this year’s grantees here.

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One of PSE’s Powerful Partners this year is Communities in Schools (CIS) Whatcom-Skagit. Each day, CIS’ team works to guide students back on track, combating the dropout rates in Washington State. Their impact extends beyond academics; it reaches into the very fabric of health and well-being. Research shows the critical link between education and health. Those who do not graduate high school face a disproportionate risk of chronic health conditions, according to Healthy People 2023. From asthma to heart disease, the consequences of dropping out reverberate far beyond the classroom, affecting individuals’ overall well-being.

PSE embodies a commitment to equitable access and community empowerment through a variety of projects and programs throughout the areas they serve. They are one of Unity Care NW’s top Health Care Champion Sponsors, supporting our work to ensure everyone in our community has access to high-quality care even if they can’t afford it. Thank you, PSE, for your support and your efforts in so many communities across the Pacific Northwest.