Whatcom Community Foundation Empowers Youth While Supporting Whatcom

Everyone here thrives. That’s Whatcom Community Foundation’s vision. Achieving it means lifting community voices, investing in equity, and cultivating neighborliness. Being one of our Unity Care NW Health Care Champions is just one of the many ways they are a supporting a stronger and healthier community.
Join the 2024 Youth Philanthropy Team. Learn abut local issues. Make grants to help.Like all the 1,000+ community foundations across North America, the Whatcom Community Foundation is a charitable organization created through gifts from people who care about a particular place. Anyone can contribute any amount of money to a community foundation, which pools and builds assets to meet local needs.

One way the Community Foundation is meeting its goals is by empowering the next generation of philanthropists. The Whatcom Community Foundation Youth Philanthropy Program (YPP) was created for students to engage in experiential based learning opportunities that foster leadership, technical and critical thinking skills. YPP connects youth to the community through charitable giving.

This year the team will focus on learning about youth homelessness and youth mental health challenges that often exacerbate youth homelessness in Whatcom County and across the country. Students will focus their time and effort on the powerful impact of grant award making, educating the community about the YPP program, learning leadership skills, and bringing in new members for 2025.

2023 Youth Philanthropy Project Team of 15 young people standing together.

2023 Youth Philanthropy Project Team

In 2024, the YPP team will distribute $50,000 in grants ranging between $2,500 and $5,000 to nonprofit organizations, schools, Native American Tribes, and government agencies that address and work with children and youth (up to age 24) of all races and ethnicities in Whatcom County experiencing mental health challenges and youth homelessness.  Priority will be given to programs that engage youth in program design/delivery. Do you know a youth that would be interested in participating? Click here for more information and to apply.

Thank you Whatcom Community Foundation – for the many ways you support Unity Care NW and our community.