Whatcom Community Foundation Works to Make Whatcom County Better For Everyone

Left to right: WCF Board Member Mike Bates, WCF President and CEO Mauri Ingram, and WCF Board Chair Aaron Brown.

What if everyone in our community had what they needed to thrive? This is the question and vision that drives Whatcom Community Foundation (WCF).

As one of more than 750 community foundations nationwide, WCF is a charitable organization created through gifts from people who care about a particular place. These funds are pooled for greater impact, and invested in ideas and activities that take a cooperative approach toward making Whatcom County better. In other words, WCF transforms generosity into fuel for what matters most to our community.

“The healthier the place, the healthier the people,” says CEO Mauri Ingram. “One of our goals is to address the factors that underpin good health – things like economic and housing stability, access to healthy food and places to exercise, social connections and support networks — to provide everyone in Whatcom County with an equal chance at a full, healthy life.”

Here is the full list of the areas that the Whatcom Community Foundation focuses on:

  • Community Building
  • Birth to bright future
  • Feeding our local food system
  • Building an inclusive local economy
  • Homes for all
  • Health & Wellness
  • Environment
  • Arts & Culture

Whatcom Community Foundation is a longtime supporter of Unity Care NW. This community anchor has been an integral partner in helping to expand our dental access in Bellingham as well as supporting the creation of our new North Whatcom Health Center. Unity Care NW is also the recipient of donations from individuals who maintain Donor Advised Funds at the Whatcom Community Foundation. In addition to all of this support, they are also participants in our Health Care Champions Sponsorship Program. Click here to find out how your organization can participate in this program and be part of ensuring health care access for everyone.

Recently Whatcom Community Foundation updated and refreshed their website, click here to learn more about the great work they are doing in our community. Thank you, Whatcom Community Foundation, for joining us in the journey to create a stronger and healthier community for everyone to thrive.